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Users must bear in mind that the information is as up to date as possible, but not necessarily perfect, and that Zestimates aren’t precise figures and are based on the available information. With those caveats in mind, Zillow is a great choice to use to find and finance your next home and sell the current one. As one of the leaders of the online real estate industry, Zillow is available both online and via mobile app, and its reach into the real estate market is incomparable. The depth of the data available (and the formats in which the data can be viewed) is extensive, and there are services available through Zillow for nearly every aspect of the home buying, home renting, or home selling process. It then grew to include proprietary Zestimates (research-based estimates of home value), rentals, agent referrals, and financing options, along with extensive resources to help home buyers, sellers, and renters navigate the process of finding a place to live with ease. In 2015, Zillow acquired Trulia, one of its primary competitors, and formed the Zillow Group.

  • The account settings allow users to manage their email and text message preferences, so there’s no avalanche of unwanted or persistent email clogging up the inbox.
  • Zillow would make an offer on a home, and, if accepted, buy the home, then handle any repairs or upgrades and resell it for more money.
  • Zillow has developed a proprietary formula that draws on data from publicly available tax and assessment records, MLS listings, nearby comparables, and user-submitted data to create a valuation for a property.
  • Zillow was founded by Rich Barton and they have their head office in Russell Investment Center Seattle Washington.

Zillios takes away current real estate market inefficiencies and provides a unique blockchain powered infrastructure for all key players involved. Today, even though Trulia is being operated by Zillow, they still operate with different web address and provide supplementary services to each other. One other good feature of Realtor.com is that their services are accessible in more than 10 different languages. We sometimes use affiliated links which may result in a payment following a visitor taking action on an external website.

Zillow Offers

They just had to move out, making the fee seem much more reasonable. A search for “Zillow owned homes reviews,” “Zillow offers homes for sale,” and “Zillow home purchase reviews” shows that purchasers of Zillow Offers homes were satisfied with the quality of their purchases. The cost of the homes plus the cost of repairs and sales simply outstripped the amount Zillow could reasonably charge for the homes once they were ready to sell, and because the program wasn’t widely available nationwide, Zillow discontinued it in November 2021.

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Redfin which means Real Estate Redefined is a platform created to serve as real estate brokerage for persons dealing with buying and selling of homes. The company was founded in 2004 by a group of technologists, David Eraker, Michael Dougherty and David Selinger, but did not offer the home-buying services immediately. Updates for syndicated listings are to be made directly from the source and it appears on Zillow within 24 hours. You can always check their listing feed for newly updated data and remain current on the newly available homes. For homes that are sold by the owner, the owner of the account will have to manually list the home on Zillow through his Zillow account. Other sources of listing on Zillow includes; listing through the home agents, partners, brokers, third-party providers and sometimes through MLS.

Zillow Agent Finder

The now-defunct Zillow Offers was a popular program that suffered from some flaws that turned out to be unsustainable, but it still turns up in articles online when users are searching for Zillow programs. How does Zillow Offers work, and is selling your home to Zillow a good idea? Well, unfortunately, it doesn’t work, because it wasn’t worth it for Zillow. Zillow purchased homes from sellers who couldn’t wait for a buyer, or who wanted a quick and easy sale. Zillow would make an offer on a home, and, if accepted, buy the home, then handle any repairs or upgrades and resell it for more money.


Zillow Premier agents are those who have registered with Zillow and paid a fee to receive notifications of new listings and advertising on Zillow. All fees and costs incurred by the customer are determined by the agents; they do not work for Zillow, but they have chosen to partner with Zillow as a business feeder stream. Zillow does offer a free account, but for those who are casually browsing it’s not necessary. For serious home buyers, sellers, and renters, however, the membership provides some useful benefits and tools.

Should You Use Zillow?

All operations of Realtor.com are being controlled by Move, Inc., and they are so good at giving you a very comprehensive home listing. See more of the best rental listing sites, best home value estimator sites, best real estate websites, and the best foreclosure sites. One thing is clear with apartment https://cryptolisting.org/coin/zlst/forum Guide, you will get quality, trusted and comprehensive listings. They became one of the first real estate platforms to operate mobile app where all these things are there for you in just a click away. Apartment Guide is another great real estate platform which offers services just like that of Zillow.


To qualify, buyers must use a Zillow Premier Agent partner to purchase the home and finance through Zillow Home Loans. Zillow 360 is currently offered in limited markets, but the program continues to expand, so check to see if it’s an appropriate option when the time comes to buy or sell a home. While most current users search Zillow to find out how much buying a home will cost, for several years “How much does Zillow charge to buy your house?

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